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US Army Ranger Association

US Army Ranger Association

Since 1973, the U.S. Army Ranger Association, Inc. (USARA) has been a social membership organization dedicated to supporting active duty and veteran U.S. Army Rangers. Its purpose is to strengthen relationships among all U.S. Army Rangers – past, present, and future; foster camaraderie among those who have earned the title U.S. Army Ranger; and provide an extended community for all US Army Rangers and their families.

The organization has two programs that benefit Rangers and their families.. The USARA Michael B. Ranger Legacy Scholarship provides assistance to qualified dependents of Rangers who are furthering their education. The Ranger Assistance Fund provides immediate, short-term financial assistance to active duty and veteran Rangers, as well as their immediate families.

An important component of USARA’s mission is to support Ranger programs. It does so by sponsoring its own activities, and providing funding and support for activities of other entities and individuals that support the Ranger community. These activities include
• Annual Ranger Muster / Ranger Rendezvous
• Fundraising events
• Monthly breakfasts
• Regional planned events

USARA is currently organized as a Georgia nonprofit and recognized by the IRS as a Tax-Exempt Organization under Section 501 (c)(3).  To learn more about US Army Ranger Association and the great work that they do, visit

How can you help us help USARA? We have tied referrals and charitable giving together through The Woller-Anger Community “Pay-It-Forward” Referral Program.  Our Pay-It-Forward program will benefit the US Army Ranger Association during the months of July, August and September.  Learn more at

You give… we give!

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