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Supporting Academic Excellence and Character Development

We are pleased to announce that our 3rd Quarter “Pay It Forward” recipient is Summit Educational Association in Milwaukee.  Summit is a non-profit corporation serving economically disadvantaged inner-city Milwaukee students to support academic excellence and character development.
Summit was established in 1990 to provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring programs.  Through tutoring, recreation, personal friendship, and a virtue based character program, Summit fosters relationships between dedicated mentors, parents and their children in order to encourage intellectual, cultural and moral growth. They are inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church, which places primary importance on the dignity of each human being.

Learn more about Summit and the work that they do, at

How can you help us help Summit?  We have tied referrals and charitable giving together through The Woller-Anger Community “Pay-It-Forward” Referral Program. Learn more at

You give… we give!