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Soles For Jesus


Shoes. They are a basic luxury that we take for granted every day as we choose our favorite pair from our closet floor. Many of us are unaware that millions of people across our globe live barefoot lives. It is estimated that over one billion pairs of unworn shoes are taking up space in U.S. basements and closets. Some are outdated or outgrown, but many of them are in good condition and considered a treasure in a developing country.

There is a four-part answer to the question  “Why Shoes?”.  Click on the links to learn more about the Soles For Jesus commitment to provide shoes to those who have none.

To learn more about their great work, visit

How can you help us help Soles For Jesus? We have tied referrals and charitable giving together through The Woller-Anger Community “Pay-It-Forward” Referral Program.  Our Pay-It-Forward program will benefit Soles For Jesus during the months of October, November and December.  Learn more at

You give… we give!

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