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Beyond Child Safety: Buckle Your Empty Booster!

By March 30, 2018May 10th, 2018Personal Insurance

Did you know many automobile injuries are caused by objects from within your car?  Having been in an accident where I was hit by a semi, I distinctly recall my cell phone and leather bound notebook ricocheting off my windshield and then into the cargo area of my Chevy Blazer.  All the loose items that were in the back ended up in the front and all the items from the front ended up in the back.  Fortunately I was not hit by anything.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article (10/28/2007 edition) on this subject.  A gentleman from Mequon and a young child from Cedarburg were each injured in separate accidents by booster seats that were not fastened down.  In both situations an empty booster seat flew through the air and struck the individuals in the head and face causing  injuries that required surgery.

I have also spoken with several friends that have children and found that not a single one had ever thought of fastening, or removing from their vehicle, a booster seat  that was not being used.

We live in a society where people are in a hurry to get from point A to point B. Taking an extra moment to look around your vehicle and making sure your items are secure can make the difference.  In an accident, this may lessen the severity of injuries or even allow you to walk away.  Many of these injuries are preventable.

Please, take the time to check for loose objects each time you use your vehicle, to improve the safety for you, your family, or your other passengers.

Remember — buckle that booster!

(First published June 21, 2013)